Water and Sewer Utility

 All the drinking water provided by the Rural Municipality (RM) of St. François Xavier water utility comes from the Cartier Regional Water Co-op Inc. (CRWCI), from its water plant located in in the RM of Headingley. CRWCI is jointly owned by the RMs of Cartier, Grey, Headingley, Portage la Prairie, Rockwood, Rosser, and St. François Xavier. The Co-op serves well over 10,000 people. It is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Manitoba Water Services Board. Water quality testing is the responsibility of CRWCI. 

Within the RM of St. François Xavier, the Co-op not only provides water, it owns and manages the regional water lines and it owns and operates the St. François Xavier reservoir and pumping station. First, some customers take water directly from the regional lines. They are metered; the municipality reads the meters, and these readings constitute both production and sales. Second, most customers receive water from the reservoir over the municipal distribution system. These customers are metered. 

The municipal utility owns and manages the distribution system which takes water from the reservoir to our residential, commercial and industrial customers, as well as related elements, such as fire hydrants. 

The municipal utility also owns a network of wastewater collection lines (low pressure sewer), which brings the wastewater to the municipal lagoon.

Sewage Pump out Notice

 Every year the RM contracts the mandatory septic tank pumping for residents hooked up to the municipal sewer system.  

 Dear Resident/Ratepayer:


Please be advised that in the summer of 2022 the municipality will be contracting with ProPumper Septic & Industrial Services of Grosse Isle, Manitoba to pump out all of the septic tanks in LID #1 and LID #2.


The pump out is required in order to keep the low-pressure sewer system functioning properly.


For locations currently hooked up to the municipal sewer system the annual spring pump out is mandatory.


The municipality will invoice the property owner on the December utility bill. Any accounts that remain unpaid 30 days after invoicing may be added to the tax roll and collected in the same manner as taxes.


If you are receiving this letter but are NOT connected to the municipal sewer system, please disregard this notice.   Your pump out is optional and a separate letter and sign up form has already been sent out to you.


We trust we are providing adequate notice in order to avoid having property owners arrange for their own pump out, and thereby avoid doubling up of costs.


Please be advised that no further notice will be provided prior to having the septic tanks pumped.


Office of Drinking Water

Drinking water treatment is very carefully monitored by the Office of Drinking Water, and annual reports are made by both the Cartier Regional Co-op and by the municipality, as listed below.


2021 SFX Utility Annual Report

RM of St. Francois Xavier Utility Advisory Notification Plan

RM of St. Francois Xavier Public Water Operating License

2023 CRWC Annual Report

2022 CRWC Annual Report

2021 CRWC Annual Report

2020 CRWC Annual Report