Fibre Internet: We offer a number of convenient payment options.

Pay Online

You can pay fibre internet bills online by logging in to your online bank account and adding the RM of St. Francois Xavier Fibre as a "payee”. Please use the Fibre Account Number as your "payee” account number. You can find your account number in the top right corner of your Fibre Bill. Remember – only use the # of digits from your account required for your account number. Do not include the decimal. You may need to add or drop 0's at the beginning or end.

The following list includes the banks that are set up with us for telephone & online payments:



Pay by Mail

You can pay your fibre bill by mail to : RM of St. Francois Xavier 1060 Highway 26, St. Francois Xavier MB, R4L 1A5.. Postdated cheques will be accepted. Please record your Fibre Account Number on the "Memo” line of your cheque. Also detach and include the payment stub at the bottom of your Fibre Bill with your payment.

Pay in Person

Cash, cheque, and debit card (interac) are accepted at the Municipal Office - 1060 Hwy. 26. Unfortunately credit card payments are not accepted. Cheques may be postdated.  A 24-hour night deposit box is available at the main entrance of the municipal office for receiving payments during non-business hours. 

PreAuthorized Payment Plan

Our payment plan allows you to pay your fibre bill in full on the due date.  It's a simple and convenient way to manage your bill payment. Unlike other payment plans, there is no administration charge for this service.  For more information on the PreAuthorized Plan click here.

Want to receive your fibre internet bills via email?  Sign up for eSend here.