RM of St. Francois Xavier (Voice Over Internet Protocol) VOIP Telephone Service


 One-time $75.00 installation fee (plus applicable PST and GST)

$40.00 per month (plus applicable PST and GST).

VOIP service includes:

  • Canadian local telephone number (new/ported) e911
  • Canada / Continental US calling
  • Voicemail with ability to forward audio files to email
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting and Call forwarding
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Star Codes

* International Calling is not available with the VOIP service

The RM of St. Francois is happy to offer residents internet phone service as an alternative to traditional landlines. Our service provider will be contacting interested residents over the next few months to make arrangements for service enrollment and installation.

 The phone service on-boarding process will include the following steps:

 1.   Service provider will contact the customer to review the sign-up process and determine customer availability.

2.    Service provider will email existing phone number porting request to customer for electronic signature.

3.    Customer will return the signed forms to the service provider.

4.    Service provider will submit porting request to carrier. It may take three to five days to receive confirmation the number has been transferred. There may be some service interruption in the period between service transfer and installation. The service provider can provide call forward service from the landline to cell phone if a service interruption occurs. Please call (204) 840-1912 if you experience any service disruptions.

5.    Service provider will make an installation appointment with customer.

6.    Installation.

7.    Customer information provide to RM office for account set up.

8.    VOIP service will be added to the following months fibre internet bills.

In order to sign up please contact the RM office for the sign up form  

For billing issues or questions please call the RM office at (204) 864-2092.